John Deere x300r Trouble Starting
JD X300r
I bought a New JD X300r  in 2009 and 5 years later the

Tractor will crank but will not start.

-This problem can occur if you try to jump your tractor using a car or truck.


To verify if this is the problem, remove one of your spark plugs - rehook it to
the spark plug cable and hold it against your engine block while you turn on
the ignition and look for a spark. (using a jumper wire makes this easier /
safer to accomplish).

If you do not have a spark then the next step would be to unhook the safety
grounding wire on the right of the engine compartment that grounds the coil. .
I could not tell which wire that was on my tractor. I have included a picture of
that area and if anyone spots the wire please let me know. If you do find it on
yours and do unhook it your engine should start but your blades will not.

Then change out the ignition control module which is located above the
battery and held in place by one hex head screw. (easy to remove) Once you
take out the screw the wire plug can be removed with a small screw driver
that unlatches the plug from the module.