Frigidaire Ice Maker Trouble
This picture shows where I cut the 1/4"
green line that went from the fill solenoid ti
the fill port for the ice maker. I then added
a push lock T
This will allow you to check that the Fill
Solenoid is working. The top line has a
removable push stop that once the
solenoid energizes the water can be routed
to a bucket. If no water fills the bucket
then you have a problem with the fill valve
or your supply line or your water filter.
This is the Ice Maker located in the bottom
drawer of the Figidare Gallery French Door.
The Fill tube froze up because my water
filter clogged and the water pressure was
not high enough due to the clog.  The filler
port is in the upper left corner above the
Ice Maker tray.
The line with the stopper removed will allow
you to determine when the blockage is
removed. You should be able to blow air
through the line with just a small amount of
resistance. If you can not blow the line free
you still have ice blockage. `Keep Hair
dryer going. If you suck on the line it also
helps free up the blockage.
To melt the blockage ask a helper to aim a
hair dryer in the upper left corner above
the Ice Maker  - Should take about 5 mins.
Note to activate a cycle place a 1" x 8"
piece of cardboard over the ice tray  this
will simulate ice to the sensor.  Takes about
10 minutes. The water fill cycle will start
about 10 mins later. You will hear the
solenoid activate and the water flow in.